The 2 main types of automatic gates

There are lots of factors to think about adding an automatic gate to your own house or business, including better comfort and additional protection and improved property value. But how will you choose the best kind of automatic gate? You’ve numerous choices, the main ones being swinging or sliding. Each kind of entrance offers pros and cons, which means you’ll need certainly to think about your particular situation and requirements before making a choice.

1. Swing gates are generally put on galvanised steel gate posts and swing shut and open, similar to a doorway. They are not right for every scenario however. Due to the method they open and shut, the movement requires a significant amount of room to use.

2. Sliding gates are an alternative solution where swing gates are not a desirable solution – and are frequently becoming the more popular choice. Sliding gates are considered a wise decision if space is restricted or if security is an issue as they are harder to force open. Sliding gates however do require a flat concrete plinth to be installed by a professional which we can supply.

Now that you’re aware of the two popular automatic gate choices, contact us┬áto discuss how we can help you choose your next gate.